Elevator Manufacture in Lucknow
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Elevator dealer in Lucknow, Uniq Elevator Company is the Elevator Company in Lucknow. We are well established in Lucknow, the commercial capital of India. Our Clientele Include leading Builders, Developers and Corporates spread all over India. We Manufacture all types of Elevators. Our Products cater to Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Hospital needs. Our Products are designed to offer superior performance under a wide range of environmental conditions in India, keeping in mind harsh climates, uncertain power supply, and specific applications. Our Products are designed with an emphasis on Comfort, Safety & Speed. We at Uniq Elevators incorporate modern technology to keep pace with the changing environmental and vertical transportation needs of the 21st century. With High-Quality Material, Trained and Experienced Man Power we provide Quality Elevators and Excellent after sales Service.

We are one of the leading Designer Suppliers & Installation in the field of Elevators/Lifts for passengers, Hospital